The goal of MIRDC

Is to promote the development and upgrading of metals and related industries in the country.

To achieve this goal

The Centre carries out research and development and provides an array of services for technology transfer to the industrial community.


Year Month Subject
2020 05 MIRDC's Mechanical Safety Testing Laboratory obtained TAF accreditation of safety, prevention and guarding device inspection for mobile elevating work platforms. MIRDC is the first institute to obtain the accreditation of a guard safety inspection for mobile elevating work platforms in Taiwan.
2020 05 MIRDC and Yeou Yih Steel signed a letter of intent to develop the intelligent configurable regenerative combustion technology, introduce the large scale solution treatment furnace and enhance the energy saving technology for both parties.
2020 05 MIRDC’s smart manufacturing technology team for the fastener industry obtained the silver prize of 2020 Edison Awards. The team applies “forming design simulation and process system”, “optical die adjusting expert system”, “fastener forming process monitoring system”, “forming quality analysis pre-diagnosis system” and “automatic sampling inspection” technologies to establish a highly customized, intelligent and service-oriented business model for quickly responding the market demand. The technologies also spans the application of metal stamping, forging, die casting and other fields to help enhance the development of the domestic manufacturing industry into an international single-line manufacturing capability.
2020 05 According to ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 revision, Wind Turbine Test Laboratory obtained the TAF accreditation of new version on May 29, 2020.
2020 04 MIRDC’s Bionic Intelligent AGV Fleet System won the bronze prize of 2020 Edison Awards. The system is possessed three unique features including: wireless intelligence, flexible application, and agile mobility. The Bionic Intelligent AGV Fleet System not only has automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) that can simultaneously control several vehicles in real time, but also can remotely control and connect several vehicles to complete the transporting task. At the same time, the module is equipped with design structure of omnidirectional wheels which can move in 360 degrees to carry out agile dispatchment toward different size and weight that demonstrates a futuristic intelligent transporting model.
2020 04 MIRDC combined C89710 lead-free brass for casting material and C85690 lead-free brass for forging material to apply for dezincification of AS2345 by obtaining the certificate no. PTT40033. These two materials enable the materials needed industries (such as plumbing industry) can eliminate the import reliance. The lead-free brass for casting and forging materials can be completely and locally made to increase the international competitiveness for the industry.
2020 03 MIRDC’s Disposable Clip Applier of Controlling the Degradation Rate technology of Medical Magnesium Alloys obtained 2020 Red Dot Design Award. This is the world's first absorbable, biodegradable magnesium alloy hemostatic clip. The clip does not need to be removed after surgery. The material gradually degrades, which alleviates secondary damage. It is better than traditional stainless steel or titanium alloy clips, since metal objects in the body could interfere with MRIs and other examinations. This reduces concerns during post-operative follow-ups. It is not only easy and fast to operate, but also beneficial to doctors' clinical use.
2020 02 MIRDC, along with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Precision Machinery Research Development Center (PMC), Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders' Association (TAMI), and other organization exert all-out effort under the guidance of Ministry of Economic Affairs, supporting manufacturers by establishing equipment and production line of mask production. MIRDC further dispatched 14 elites in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering field to station at Chang Hong Machinery, Zicron Electric, Ever Great Ultrasonic, and other companies to accelerate the progress, expanding the production of 4 million masks per day into 10 million masks per day. All have worked together to complete the mission.
2020 02 MIRDC and Da Yeh University signed an MOU to consolidate the training of the high-level talents, facilitate the industrial upgrading and promote the development for wind power industry.
2020 02 MIRDC’s Real-time Integrated Restoration System won the product design award of 2020 iF Design Award in February 2020. By fully integrating intraoral scanning, wearable glasses, laser milling, and lithium disilicate, the solution shortens the traditional process from more than seven days to 4-5 hours. Processing and restoration are completed in less than a day in the clinic, offering a one-stop digital dental service and greatly improving the efficiency of prosthesis treatment.
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