The goal of MIRDC

Is to promote the development and upgrading of metals and related industries in the country.

To achieve this goal

The Centre carries out research and development and provides an array of services for technology transfer to the industrial community.


Year Month Subject
2021 12 MIRDC's "Structural Inspection, Repair and Operation & Maintenance Technology Promotion Program of Offshore Wind Farm" has obtained the Bronze Award of 2021 Venergy in the category of technical R&D issued by Bureau of Energy, MOEA.
2021 12 MIRDC used biological calcium carbonate (wasted oyster shells) and mineral silica (marble waste) to establish Renewable Polymorphic Transition (Poly-T) Materials and combine binder jetting additive manufacturing technology. Poly- T Materials assisted National Museum of Marine Science & Technology introduce bionic artificial island reef for coral restoration application. The coral restoration growing speed increased 30% to make contribution for marine ecology.
2021 12 MIRDC has become the first training organization for GWO blade repair in Asia/Pacific (excluding China).
2021 12 MIRDC introduced 3D printing sand casting technology into metal related process to set up visually impaired assistive device, facilitating those who are visuallly imparied to know the contents of artwork through touch and has received the recognition of “Time Magazine” Best Inventions of 2021 - Special Award.”
2021 12 Being a wind farm project certification body, MIRDC added the cable (design assessment, manufadcturing surveilance) and "transportaion and installation" modules and has obtained the certificate isssued by TAF.
2021 12 MIRDC developed marine waste recycling product certification to become the first research institute of providing the said certification service in Taiwwan.
2021 12 MIRDC, Techman Robot, United Orthopedic, Show Chwan Memoral Hospital, Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital and AIBEDA HealthTech Consulting signed an MOU to independently conduct the development of robot assisted spine surgical system and to construct high-end and intelligent medical system ecological chain in assisting the re-upgrading of Taiwan medical device industry.
2021 11 MIRDC, Plumbing Association of Taiwan and Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association signed an MOU to improve the smart manufacturing technical capabilities of the plumbing industry and create higher international competitive advantage.
2021 11 MIRDC and HOCHENG Corporation signed an MOU to facilitate the development and long-term inspection & testing cooperation for sanitary ware and home appliance industries.
2021 11 MIRDC, Taiwan Dental Association and St. Frances Cabrini Medical Center Inc. were engaged in the cooperation with application of implant related products and technical sharing of dental industry.
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