The goal of MIRDC

Is to promote the development and upgrading of metals and related industries in the country.

To achieve this goal

The Centre carries out research and development and provides an array of services for technology transfer to the industrial community.


Item Contact Persons Tel No. Fax No.
General contact window Dao-Lin Li (07)3513121 ext.2365 (07)3534062
Smart and System R&D Service Office (Taichung) Wei-Hong Wu (04)23502169 ext.102 (04)23596523
Service Innovation and Development Office Wei-Zhong Liu (02)27013181 ext.110 (02)27066785
Mold and fine machining technology Lu Yu Ting (07)3513121 ext.3530 (07)3533307
Stamping and precision forming technology Fu-Quan Xu (07)3513121 ext.3510 (07)3511507
Alloy Design and Rapid Casting and Forming Technology of Metal Products Xin-Hong Guo (07)3513121 ext.2530 (07)3550961
Welding Technology Li-De Wang (07)3513121 ext.2510 (07)3533382
Metal forming technology Zhi-Ming Zhang (07)3517161ext.2541 (07)3537530
Product development, machining & rolling technologies Tsung-Wen Huang (07)3513121ext.2450 (07)3531708
Treatment manufacturing & equipment Sung-Mao Chiu (07)3513121ext.3550 (07)3522170
Vehicle structure and system technology Jia-Nong Tsai (07)3513121ext.2508 (07)3532758
Metal inspection technology Chia-Chang Chen (Kaohsiung) (07)3513121ext.2930 (07)3533581
Li-fang Liang (Taipei) (02)27013181ext.501 (02)27085460
Zhong-Xian Chen (Taichung) (04)23502169ext.703 (04)23595935
Marine technology and vehicle development Guan-Gxun Yang (07)6988899ext.7321  
AI robot application technology Guo-Kai Hong (07)3513121ext.2627 (07)3533982
Metal smart manufacturing technology JianMing Zeng (07)3513121ext.2643 (07)3540280
IoT and information communication integration technology Ming-Yue Tsai (07)3513121ext.2650 (07)3540280
Supercritical high-pressure process equipment development and application technology Pei-Rong Lian (07)3513121ext.2630 (07)3539411
Cross-domain integration of natural products, innovative process development and application technology Pei-Rong Lian (05)2919925ext.8866 (05)2842804
Industrial electronic technology
Yi-Cheng Chen (Taipei) (02)27013181ext.320 (02)23259806
Rui-Tang Huang (Taichung) (04)23502169ext.602 (04)23502126
Electrochemical machining & precision pressing machine development technology & fluid control technology Hung-Yi Chen
Zhi-Wen Fan
Medical care industry assistance Bo-Wei Pan (07)6955298ext.220 (07)6955249
Combination medical device technology Chung-Chien Tseng (07)6955298ext.241 (07)6955247
Sterilization Jia-Qi Lu (07)6955298ext.234 (07)6955227
Medical material regulatory consultation Jin-Ting Wen (07)6955298ext.260 (07)6955227
Investment promotion Yu-Jie Wang (07)6955298ext.264 (07)6955227
Optoelectronic system technology Xuan-Cheng Liu (07)6955510ext.330 (07)6955512
Optoelectronic industry services Jia-Lin Chen (07)3517161ext.6330 (07)3537264
Healthcare Industry Counseling Feng-Zhi Liu (02)27013181ext.115 (02)27066785
Industrial training Bomy Kung (07)3513121ext.2440 (07)3533971
Metal Industry Research Nai-Qi Xue (07)3513121ext.2333 (07)3533978
Introduction & assistance of ISO series system Guo-Xin Hu (Kaohsiung) (07)3513121ext.2410 (07)3527246
Yi-Cheng Chen (Taipei) (02)27013181ext.320 (02)23259806
Rui-Tang Huang (Taichung) (04)23502169ext.602 (04)23502126
Technology and business integration services Yuan-Zhi Lin (07)3517161ext.6235 (07)3513061
Patent consultation Yan-Ling Wei (07)3513121ext.2392 (07)3534062
Management system verification technology Rong-Can Zheng (02)27013181ext.600 (02)27029703
Aviation industry Zhi-Wei Jian (02)27556157ext.21 (02)27546157
Industrial cooperation Teng-Yi Lai (02)27540266ext.126 (02)27540155
Offshore wind power industry talent training Zhen-Chang Wang (07)6988899ext.7233  
Offshore wind power industry guidance Ya-Hui Yu (07)6988899ext.7102 (07)6988845

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