The goal of MIRDC

Is to promote the development and upgrading of metals and related industries in the country.

To achieve this goal

The Centre carries out research and development and provides an array of services for technology transfer to the industrial community.


Year Month Subject
2016 12 On December 23, 2016, MIRDC and Japan Quality Assurance Organization(JQA) signed a separate agreement to expand international cooperation for Taiwan home appliance industry. Dr. Ching-ming Chen, Vice President of MIRDC and Mr. Shigeyuki Kondo, Executive Officer of JQA signed the “separate agreements of Electric and Electronic Product Safety and JIS certification collaboration” with hope that close certification collaboration will explore international market and establish the cooperation and exchange of inspection & certification services, test equipment, laboratory management, technical consulting and personnel training for electric and electronic products of both parties.
2016 12 MIRDC set up vacuum inert gas atomization (VIGA) system and successfully made trial production of CoCr alloy powder that will be applied in the bio-medical industry.
2016 12 MIRDC transferred its R&D achievements to Nitinol Innovative Technology Co. Ltd. through conversion of technologies into shares and assisted the setup of the first Nitinol innovative material company in Taiwan. Technologies and license fee totaled NT$30 million.
2016 12 On December 15, 2016, MIRDC broke through traditional electro-chemical machining to successfully develop the intelligent electro-chemical machining technology and its concept production system of flexible metal mini rack.
2016 11 On November 21, 2016, MIRDC obtained five gold medals of invention competition in “2016 Taipei Int’l Invention Show & Techmart”. The five awarded technologies include “ blue light digital intraoral scanner”, “high efficiency generator structure design of small wind turbine”, “extraction method of flower essential oil”, “surface treatment process of ceramic dental implant” and “medical guide wire” to cover metal technology, high value equipment and medical device fields and to demonstrate innovative technical capabilities.
2016 11 President Tsai, accompanied by Chen, Chu, the mayor of Kaohsiung city and Shen, Jong-chin, vice minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs, visited MIRDC on November 5, 2016. Dr. Ren-yi Lin, chairman of MIRDC reported MIRDC’s industrialization achievements and vision strategy, meantime Dr. Chiu-feng Lin, president of MIRDC toured R&D showroom of MIRDC for President Tsai.
2016 11 On November 29, 2016, newly-installed president Dr. Chiu-feng Lin reported policy guidelines and implementation strategies at the 2nd board meeting of the 22nd board of directors. He also proposed the vision of MIRDC: to become an international organization pioneering with metal technology, cross-field research and development as well as leading industrial value creation. Our mission: to bring the key role of “value creation” into full play and to assist cross-field industries with focus on metal to increase their added-value and international competitiveness. Positioning: a R&D and application service organization provides cross-field industries focusing on metal technology with total solutions.
2016 10 In October 2016, MIRDC cooperated with St John’s University to effectively apply technologies, talents and academic resources of both parties, to jointly promote digital design, precision machine manufacturing and test technology development as well as to facilitate the technical upgrading for industry.
2016 10 In October 2016, MIRDC collaborated with Syntec Co., Ltd., Japan and Nitinol Innovative Technology Co. Ltd. in terms of application for Nitinol tube and wire.
2016 10 In October 2016, MIRDC collaborated with Minalogic, France (micro/nano technology, optical and software technology cluster in France) to be dedicated to trade development of semiconductor and medical device industries between France and Taiwan and to share the related information of semiconductor equipment and medical device industries between France and Taiwan.
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