The goal of MIRDC

Is to promote the development and upgrading of metals and related industries in the country.

To achieve this goal

The Centre carries out research and development and provides an array of services for technology transfer to the industrial community.


Casting Technology

  • Aluminum alloy melting and holding furnaces (100~300kg)
  • Induction melting furnaces (25~500kg)
  • Casting simulation software
  • Centrifugal casting machine
  • Austemper ductile iron heat treating furnace(250kg/batch)
  • Aluminum alloy heat treatment furnace (1m x 1m x 1m)
  • Squeeze casting machine (200T)
  • Burn-out furnace for rapid prototyping (max. 1,100℃)
  • Various electroforming equipment
  • Vacuum continuous casting equipment for wire/bar/tube (3~8mm)
  • Magnesium cold chamber die-casting machine(1500T)
  • Vacuum casting furnace(max.50kg)
  • 3D laser scanner
  • RP system (SOUP)

Metal Forming

  • 1,600 tons warm & hot forging production line
  • 650 tons cold & warm forging production line
  • 80 tons hot forging production line
  • 1,000 tons hydraulic press
  • 2,000 tons tube hydro-forming press (4,000 Bars)
  • Counter-pressure hydroforming press (I: 80T, O: 50T)
  • Solid Work-3D computer graphic software
  • A25KJ Electromagnetic pulse equipment
  • 4-dies swaging machine
  • DEFORM-2D/3D for simulation & analysis of forging processes
  • Analysis of ANSYS forming and magnetic coupling physical field
  • PAM-STAMP for simulation & analysis of stamping/hydroforming processes

Welding Technology

  • Atmospheric plasma spray system
  • Metal arc spray equipment
  • Plasma transferred arc welding system
  • Abrasion type wear test machine
  • C type 3-axis FSW machine
  • High power YAG-laser welding system
  • Micro YAG-laser welding machine
  • AC plasma arc welding machine
  • Micro plasma arc welding machine
  • Three phase DC resistance welding machine
  • AC resistance welding machine
  • Capacitor type resistance welding machine
  • Robotic welding system
  • Hot press machine
  • Plate type heating equipment
  • Adhesive bonding performance test equipments
  • Ultrasonic metal welding machine
  • Magnetic pulse welding/forming equipment
  • High load robotic arm FSW equipment
  • Horizontal 4-axis FSW machine
  • Rotary type sliding wear test machine with temperature control
  • Welding application simulation analysis forecasting software & hardware

Product Development

Metal rolling plate and cladding lab
  • Clad rolling equipment
  • Precision rolling equipment
  • Roll forming equipment
  • Roll forming equipment CAE analytical system
Thermal fluid energy management lab
  • Thermal energy management system
  • Fluid mechanical system
  • Motor experiment system
Product application analysis and design lab
  • CAE design system
  • CAE analytical system ( structure/stress/thermal fluid/fluid/mold flow/forming )
Product development workshop
  • Product development equipment system
  • Machining and equipment assembly workshop ( turning/milling/planning/grinding equipment )

Steel Rolling Technology

  • Precision rolling equipment
  • Roll forming equipment
  • Roll forming CAE analytical system

Automotive structure and System Integration Technology

  • CAD software (CTAIA/Solidworks/Pro-E)
  • Thermal/flow simulation software Controller development software (MatLab/Simulink, MotoHawk)
  • Measurement equipment of kinematics & compliance for chassis
  • Suspension rigidity measurement/fatigue certification equipment
  • Damper coefficient measurement/fatigue certification equipment
  • Simulation platform of electric control (chassis sub-system) integration

Precision Forming

  • 65 tons deep-drawing transfer die production line
  • 110 tons high-speed drawing transfer die production line
  • 80 tons mini-parts deep-drawing transfer die production line
  • 8 tons mini-cassette-change parts former (6D6P)
  • INSTRON 500 kgs fine material testing machinet
  • 250 tons press

Mold & Precision Machining Technology

Development of precision optical components and injection technology
  • Ultra precision M/C
  • Multi-function ultra precision M/C
  • MPrecision high speed injection machine
Micro/meso mold & die machining technologies
  • 5 axis M/C
  • CNC micro punch M/C
  • Micro ultrasonic machine
  • Micro WEDM
  • Micro M/C
  • CNC jig grinding M/C
  • Micro EDM
  • Ultra-short pulse laser machine
Integration development technology of precision machining system
  • Hybrid module machining system
  • Laser interferometer
  • Doppler dual laser head

Biomass Refinery Technology

  • High pressure testing platform (water pressure 20,000 psi, gas pressure 15,000 psi)
  • Supercritical methanol transesterification experimental machine (400 bar x 400°C)
  • Sub/supercritical cellulose hydrolysis bench unit

CO2 Application Technology

  • SCCO2 cleaning bench unit
  • CO2-Snow FPCB spraying machine
  • Optical microscope (1,000X)
  • Supercritical fluid electroplating bench unit
  • CO2-Snow spray testing platform

Bio-Process & Pharmaceutical Equipment Technology

  • Gelatin encapsulating seamless pilot plant
  • SCCO2 high pressure extraction pilot plant (5L x 1,000 bar)
  • SCCO2 extraction bench unit (2L x 400 bar)
  • SCF micro powder forming bench unit (4L x400 bar)
  • SCCO2 fractional distillation pilot plant (2LPH x 300 bar)
  • SCCO2 chromatographic pilot plant


  • Vacuum heat treatment equipment
  • Helium leak detector
  • Optical emission spectroscopy
  • Precision shot-peening equipment
  • Physical vapor deposition equipment (unbalanced)
  • Physical vapor deposition equipment (twin pole)
  • Ion implantation & deposition equipment
  • Continuous type PVD equipment
  • Roll-to-roll physical vapor deposition equipment
  • Barrel type PVD equipment

Opto-Electronics System Technology

  • Automatic record system of vacuum temperature inspection
  • Helium leak detector
  • Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition system
  • Sol-gel process equipment, rapid thermal annealing furnace, powder process equipment
  • Luminance colormeter (BM7-A)
  • Spectroscope & integrating sphere (12 inches)
  • Deformation measurement record system
  • Optical Meter & Photo-detector
  • Cell gap instrument
  • Microwave furnace
  • Rotary evaporators
  • Oil bath
  • Spin coater
  • Rolling mill
  • Stirrer/hot plate
  • Water bath
  • Rapid thermal annealing furnace (RTA)
  • Ball mill
  • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Ellipsometer
  • Conventional thermal annealing oven

Medical Devices Technology

Surgical simulation laboratory
  • Rapidform
  • Abaqus
  • Solidworks
  • Pre-surgical simulation system-dental chair bed and head module
  • Implant motor/oscillator/occlusion device
Medical electro chemical laboratory
  • Anodizing coloring equipment
  • Bio-electro chemical equipment
  • Stainless steel electro-polishing equipment
  • Water cooling equipment
  • Auto-aid
  • Heat circulating dry box
  • Experimental level ultrasonic cleaning device
  • Chemical resistant fume hood
  • Large chemical resistant wash and bench
Sandblasting, acid etching (SLA) pilot run plant for dental implant
  • Positive pressure chemical laboratory
  • Corrosion resistant PVC high rise floor
  • Hidden water, gas pipe design
  • PVC corrosion resistant exhaust fan and waste gas emission pipe
  • Variable frequency positive fume hood
  • Emergency safety eye wash station
  • Large chemical resistant wash and bench
  • Super pure water room
  • Air compressor and gas storage tank
  • Compressed air dryer
  • Ultrasonic cleaning for dental implant
  • Automatic sand blasting for dental implant
  • Acid-etching module for dental implant
  • Stereo microscope/low humidity dry box
Medical machining laboratory
  • Mill-turn machine tool
  • Feeder
  • Magnetic de-burring and polishing machine
  • Knife grinder
  • Stereo microscope
Medical surface treatment laboratory
  • Chemical resistant fume hood
  • Electronic balance/centrifuge
  • Heating magnetic stirrers
  • Basic high temperature electric furnace
  • Bench top conductivity meter
  • Alcohol meter
  • Laboratory water bath shaker
  • Pilot run water bath shaker
  • Bench top PH meter
  • Heat circulating dry box
  • Temperature electric furnace
  • Automatic polishing equipment
  • Experimental ultrasonic cleaning
  • Low humidity dry box
Medical device testing laboratory
  • AMaterial testing machine
  • Automated measuring machine
  • Profile projector
  • Surface profiler
  • Stereo microscope
  • Polarized surface scattering measurement system

Electrochemical Machining

  • Stainless steel electro polishing equipment
  • pre and post cleaning equipment
  • Pulse powder supplier
  • 500A electrochemical machining machine
  • Electrochemical buffing equipment
  • Micro electrochemical machining equipment
  • DTF micro electrochemical machining module
  • Electrochemical machining system

Precision Pressing Machine Design & Analysis

  • CAE analysis software & hardware system
  • Product design software & hardware system
  • 3 Ton ultra precision pressing machine
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Accelerometer
  • Noise meter
  • Displacement meter

Fluid Control Technology

  • Valve flow rate (Cv) test equipment
  • Valve pressure test equipment
  • Valve fire-safety test equipment
  • Valve fugitive emission test equipment
  • Valve life test equipment
  • Valve stem-leakage test equipment
  • Valve ultra low temperature test equipment
  • Faucet test system (temperature, pressure, flow capacity, life and torque tests)
  • Pressure balancing valve test system (regulation and temperature variation, pressure, flow capacity, life, torque and cold water supply failure tests)
  • Sanitary valve test equipment (torque, life, temperature extreme and pressure tests)
  • Ultra high purity valve test (oil-free test, pressure test, life test, leakage test, flow capacity, test, vibration test, surface roughness test, passivation layer test (AUGER, ESCA), SEM test, tensile & compression test for tube and particle content

Certification Technology

  • Scanned electronic microscope
  • Induced couple spark analysis of plasma
  • Motor test equipment
  • Clean bench (class 1)
  • Electrical safety test equipment
  • EMC test equipment
  • Micro press
  • Vibration& sound inspection apparatus
  • LCD backlight modules inspection equipment
  • Dust proof & water proof test equipment
  • Ultra-high purity fluid component test equipment (oil free, particle, life cycle and leakage test)
  • Chemical and mechanical inspection & test facilities for metal materials
  • Calibration facilities for measuring apparatus & instruments
  • Six-axial vibration testing system

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