The goal of MIRDC

Is to promote the development and upgrading of metals and related industries in the country.

To achieve this goal

The Centre carries out research and development and provides an array of services for technology transfer to the industrial community.

The first Industry Trend Sharing Session in Pingtung came to Neipu Township to help t the industry k

The Pingtung County Government has organized the Industry Trend Sharing Session Series: New Solutions for Enterprise Transformation of Pingtung Industry T cubed in order to assist industrialists to respond to international trends and the changes in the domestic business environment. The first sharing session was about how to unseal regional trade which was held in the conference room of Neipu Industrial Park Service Center on the 21st and attracted the participation of representatives from different industries and dozens of local enterprises in Pingtung County.

Liu, Meng-Chun, the Director of the First Division of Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research was invited by the event host to share the topic of the regional economy and the transformation and layout of the enterprise. Liu opened the topic with the impact of regional trade, suggesting that diversification of the economy and trade can be achieved. Furthermore, he drew the importance of improving the resilience of the industrial supply chain, and then went deep into the thinking context of enterprise transformation and global layout. Liu's presentation was clear and meaningful which impressed the attendees deeply.

In addition, Professor Wang, Lung-Jen, of National Pingtung University also shared the digital production and sales platform of the food processing industry in Pingtung County, providing solutions such as smart manufacturing, R&D innovation, digital marketing, food experience and talent cultivation in encouraging industrialists make good use of digital integrated marketing tools to meet market demand and increase business opportunities for diversified marketing and promotion. Also, Dr. Chen, Chih-Ta of Corporate Synergy Development Center introduced the Industrial Competitiveness Development Center platform, which makes it easier for industrialists to obtain government guidance resources. It is suggested that industrialists should pay more attention to various government subsidy measures, make good use of government resources, and improve their enterprises while the output value can also be sustainable development.

The Development of Urban and Rural Development stated that in the past two years, the locial industry has faced many pressures and challenges due to factors of the epidemic. Therefore, Metal Industries Research and Development Centre was entrusted to handle the Sharing Session Series, with Technovation, Transformation, and Transnational as the 3T as the main axis of the strategy would help solve the problems encountered in the face of enterprise transformation and upgrading and transnational layout. The above three sharing sessions welcomed all industrialists and the speakers to brainstorm together and are not limited to specific attendees. The session was also re-focused on the niche points of enterprise development and optimized the layout of operation and management from various issues such as production, marketing, talent, R&D, finance, and counseling resources.

There will be two more Industry Trend Sharing Sessions held on the 18th of August at Pingnan Industrial Park Service Center and on the 16th of September at Pingtung Industrial Park Service Center. The issues of Net Zero Emissions and Digital Transformation will be focused at the sharing sessions as they cannot be ignored during the period of epidemic. Chen, Ming-Hsiang, the Chief of Taiwan Energy Storage System Industry Promotion Alliance, and the Dean of Digital Transformation Institute, Chan Wen Nan are invited as keynote speakers at the sessions. Limited seats are available and the online registration is FREE, everyone is welcome to join, and for more information just click on

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