The goal of MIRDC

Is to promote the development and upgrading of metals and related industries in the country.

To achieve this goal

The Centre carries out research and development and provides an array of services for technology transfer to the industrial community.

Grand Opening of MIRDC i-Lounge First-ever Display Space for Innovative Products of Member Companies

In order to showcase the outcomes and innovative products of highlighted technical collaboration with member companies, MIRDC (Metal Industries Research & Development Centre) has planned an innovative products display place, i-Lounge, which was inaugurated on 4/14 with four member companies especially invited: Feng-Chun Tsai, Chairman of SHA YANG YE industrial Co. Ltd., Meng-Tsung Kao, President of MENG SIN Material Co., Ltd., Wei-Ti Lin, President of Cheng Mao Enterprise Co., Ltd., and Yi-An Chen, Vice President of Nitinol Innovative Technology Co., Ltd. attended and opened the grand event of “2022 Member Companies i-Lounge,” where innovative products of member companies will be exhibited for 3 months.

Chiu-Feng Lin, President of the MIRDC, indicated that the Centre has been assisting in the upgrading of domestic metal and related industries. This public exhibition aims to display the outcomes and innovative products of highlighted technical collaboration between MIRDC and its member companies. The innovative products include: Tesla electric door handles, Mercedes-Benz electric sunshades, U.S. military first aid combat ready bone drills, antibacterial partitions for cold chain markets, NBA tactic boards, Douxteel Shimmer plates, Canyon vases, and Nitnol shape memory alloy wires. However, success is no coincidence. Interviews with the four entrepreneurs from different fields will tell the stories of how they have inherited experiences and led their companies to break through and establish the key to victory in product differentiation.

Micro gears that move the world - SHA YANG YE Industrial Co. Ltd.
Since its foundation, SHA YANG YE has dedicated to the research and development of core technologies in gearbox transmission, and gradually expanded to the applications in motor gearboxes, automobiles, and smart home. In recent years, the company has branched out to the design and manufacture of robots for, creating new business opportunities in AI. SHA YANG YE has become the world's largest manufacturer of electric tool gearboxes, standing firm as market leader worldwide. With the assistance of MIRDC, SHA YANG YE implemented the “Continuous Type Heat Treatment System Equipment for Micro Parts,” which provides smart continuous type heat treatment procedure for highly complex structure or micro parts. The manufacture of micro gears with sufficient hardness and high precision has helped reduce noise and extend product life, the two major issues of Tesla, and secured a place for the company in the international supply chain.

Build self-owned brand and one-stop service - MENG SIN Material Co., Ltd. (MSM)
MSM has transformed from the “traditional steel industry” to a “professional manufacturer of customized steel,” focusing on customization function, and the market of aesthetic steel products, with the management philosophy of making products that large manufacturers are not willing to make while small ones can't. MSM emphasizes environmental protection, and keeps moving towards the direction of energy saving, carbon reduction, as well as ESG sustainability. It has also entered the “cold chain market” in response to the advent of the post-epidemic era. Through MIRDC, MSM was introduced with the “Smart Equipment Monitoring and Diagnosis System,” and has implemented a smart production line. From order taking to production, inspection devices are used to help with quality control while process visualization and real-time equipment early warning are provided. The laminated steel products are food-grade certified and resistant to below zero temperatures. They also ensure health and safety, and provide exclusive solutions for the cold chain market.

Deep roots in Taiwan, focus on quality - Cheng Mao Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Cheng Mao used to focus on sheet metal technology and produced function-oriented mechanical tools. In 2016, Cheng Mao founded its own brand "DOUXTEEL", a name taken from French, with the meaning of "warm iron", which not only means "soft steel", but also represents the technical expertise and the infinite possibilities of development in metal processing, successfully moving Cheng Mao from the machinery industry into the home furnishing industry. MIRDC guided Cheng Mao to implement the “Corrosion-Resistant, Surface Hardening Technology for Stainless Steel” to improve the traditional problems of surface carburizing or nitriding that result from lack of resistance to abrasion, and proneness to scratches, rust and corrosion that characterize Austenite stainless steel. The resulting products are wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, anti-corrosive and perfectly integrated with the titanium plated surface.

First in Taiwan to produce domestic Nitinol - Nitinol Innovative Technology Co., Ltd. (NIT)
Nickel-titanium alloy is a smart metal material that features exclusive memory recovery, super elasticity, fatigue resistance and biocompatibility. In addition to industrial and consumer goods industries, it is widely used in medical devices, and is a key material for innovative research and development in the industry. MIRDC acquired the "Nickel-Titanium Memory Materials and Products R&D Technologies", and through technology transfer, has successfully assisted NIT, Taiwan's first self-reliant manufacturer of domestic Nitinol materials, in launching its own products. NIT supplies high precision and high quality nickel-titanium precision wires and nickel-titanium products, as well as providing services such as vacuum arc re-melting (VAR), static tensile strength and dynamic fatigue tests. It is the only manufacturer of medical grade Nitinol materials in Taiwan.

MIRDC, the R&D charging station that best understands the industry, has always been here. Through constant understanding of industry needs, the Centre keeps up with the times, organizing innovative and diversified exchange activities, as well as providing in-depth services such as member management and marketing plan customization to increase two-way communication and active interaction between industries while expanding business opportunities and establishing stable and long-term partnerships.

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