The goal of MIRDC

Is to promote the development and upgrading of metals and related industries in the country.

To achieve this goal

The Centre carries out research and development and provides an array of services for technology transfer to the industrial community.

MIRDC collaborates with SODICK to Establish the Metal 3D Printing Joint Laboratory

MIRDC collaborates with SODICK to Establish the Metal 3D Printing Joint Laboratory in Innovating Additive Manufacturing and develop Composite Manufacturing

On May 10th MIRDC and Japan’s SODICK announced the opening of the Metal 3D Printing Joint Laboratory. On the acture day, many VIPs from both countries gathering to announce a joint Taiwan-Japan effort in driving metal 3D printing application development and promotion. This is expected to expand application of metal 3D printing technology by Taiwan vendors and speed up industry innovative development. Japan’s SODICK is an internationally known tool manufacturer. This joint Taiwanese-Japanese platform would be applied to conduct technology exchange for both parties, and turn both parties into great allies through mutual technology industry assistance and mutual benefit. A further technology based exchange between Taiwan and Japan would also be explected.

Domestic industries used to apply traditional cooling mold core, however, the cooling design is limited by the production method and structure. Consequently, cooling cannot be designed to effectively conform to the product surface. The product could not dissipate heat adequately, and the resulting uneven shrinkage caused warping and deformation. The Metal 3D Printing Joint Laboratory has OPM 250L equipment that provide high precision additive SLM metal 3D printing technology. This technology uses highly complex, highly arbitrary forming process and high precision processing to provide the industry with the first one-stop solution. This process can rapidly produce complex metal parts and then proceed with SLM and high speed milling to achieve high quality sintering density and precision processing (SPI-A2 grade) required in the mold processing. This process not only can add value to plastic injection mold (conformal cooling), but also can be applied to industrial high precision parts (turbine blades, connectors), non-invasive medical equipment, or other related product fields.

With the support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, MIRDC has established relevant technology capabilities, including digital binder jetting (BJ) additive manufacturing system that can accelerate casting development, the only electron beam milting (EBM) metal 3D printing that has passed FDA certification for producing medical grade implants, and powder/wire direct energy deposition (DED) metal 3D printing suitable for rapid repair of precision parts. As the best partner for upgrading and adding value to Taiwan industries, MIRDC has the most comprehensive metal 3D printing technical capability in Taiwan. MIRDC would provide comprehensive services to industries for complex metal parts and conformal cooling mold development, which can significantly increase industry competitiveness.

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