The goal of MIRDC

Is to promote the development and upgrading of metals and related industries in the country.

To achieve this goal

The Centre carries out research and development and provides an array of services for technology transfer to the industrial community.

Continuous heat treatment system technology for micro components

Presently, various 3C products are designed to be light and thin, and the components are also miniaturized. For example, carbon steel screws in mobile phones, shafts or gears of small motors in toys and fans are common micro components. The continuous heat treatment system technology for micro components is being developed to solve the problems of inconsistent quality, poor receiving rate, raw material waste, and even the mixing of materials of traditional large-scale heat treatment equipment during carburizing and quenching.

MIRDC (Metals Industries Research & Development Centre) pioneered the continuous micro-heat treatment equipment (Taiwan Patent - I504551), which is specially designed for products with micro parts smaller than 2 mm in diameter. The equipment is featured with continuous (automatic feeding) and modular customization design. It can quickly replace the process module combination according to product or function requirements, including the main furnace, the continuous tempering furnace, the oil tank and receiving module, the automatic feeding system, control system, and cleaning tank module. Products are produced with no deformations and greater hardness; product quality is also improved from A to A+. Tests show excellent dimensional accuracy and wear resistance, and product quality not only exceeds that of current domestic products, but also reached the international standards. The design of the special workpiece capturing mechanism of the oil quenching tank is a core technology that can completely capture the small workpieces floating in the oil tank with a receiving rate as high as 100%.

This technology participated in the 2018 Taiwan Innotech Expo, which stood out from the 704 works of 20 countries and won the highest honor Platinum Award. Currently, this technology is helping domestic manufacturers develop micro-gear heat treatment processes and equipment and improve wear resistance and strength to enter the high value products market and obtain orders from international manufacturers, showing substantial results.

Dr. Chiu-Feng Lin, President of MIRDC, said that MIRDC has long been committed to the development of high-value micro-manufacturing technology and equipment, and has joined with Hi Heat Furnace Industrial Co., Ltd., Xing Guang Industrial, Sha Yang Ye Industry, Taiwan Society for Metal Heat Treatment, and Taiwan Micro-Fabrication Alliance to establish the Micro-Heat Treatment Industry Application Alliance. In the future, the alliance will quickly assist domestic manufacturers to enter the international supply chain in response to the processing and heat treatment requirements faced by precision parts, and drive the development of precision heat treatment related industries in Taiwan towards value-added heightening.

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