The goal of MIRDC

Is to promote the development and upgrading of metals and related industries in the country.

To achieve this goal

The Centre carries out research and development and provides an array of services for technology transfer to the industrial community.


Casting Technology

  • Rationalization of foundry industry
  • Melting and refining of casting alloys
  • Research and application of the advanced casting materials and new products
  • Standard operation procedure for casting processes
  • Application of casting simulation software
  • Development and service of rapid prototyping/rapid tooling technology
  • Casting processes including: sand casting, die casting, gravity die casting, low pressure die casting, squeeze casting, centrifugal casting, bi-metal centrifugal casting, melting technology for rotary furnace, investment casting, rapid prototyping & rapid tooling technology, vacuum melting casting, ceramic mold casting, lost foam casting, electroforming, continuous casting, metal foam, etc.

Metal Forming Technology

  • Characteristic study of metal forming technology for special alloy steel, aluminum, magnesium, titanium alloy and copper alloy,etc., suitable for artificial hip joint, surgical devices, auto & motorcycle components, sports ware & leisure equipment and 3C components.
  • Precision forging process technology: e.g. closed die forging, multiaction die forging, hybrid forging, cold/warm/hot precision forging, cross rolling, orbital forging, swaging, powder metallurgy(P/M) forging, casting/forging integration, micro-alloy forging, near isothermal/isothermal forging, etc., suitable for application in the parts of auto & motorcycle and various machine components.
  • Hydro-forming process technology: e.g. tube hydro-forming, sheet metal hydro-forming, suitable for parts of auto & motorcycle structural parts, exhaust and intake system & parts, sanitaryware & bathroom accessories, bellows, pipe, pipe fittings, etc.
  • Simulation and analysis technology for metal forming processes: CAE simulation software, e.g. DEFORM 2D/3D, PAMSTAMP.
  • Precision wire forming technology: drawing of titanium alloy and stainless steel special alloy and extrusion of high strength and high precision aluminum alloy.
  • Electromagnetic forming technology: Electromagnetic force produces forming at high speed and can be applied in the manufacturing of aluminum alloy, titanium/aluminum laminates for casing or bipolar plate for fuel cell.

Welding Technology

  • Welding metallurgy: metallurgical analysis and weld quality inspection for high strength steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, etc.
  • Welding process technology: including arc welding, laser welding, resistance welding, micro-joining, friction welding, friction stir welding, brazing, glass to metal bonding, adhesive bonding, thermal spraying and hardfacing, etc.
  • Welding process technology: include arc welding, laser welding, resistance welding, micro-joining, friction stir welding, magnetic pulse welding, brazing, glass to metal bonding, adhesive bonding, thermal spraying, hardfacing, etc.
  • Joining process & equipment systemic technology: include sputtering target solder joining and ultrasonic C-SCAN inspection technology, bellow welding & its quality inspection technology, sealing welding for opto-electronics components, friction stir welding equipment, hardfacing equipment, etc.
  • Development and application of high efficiency automatic welding peripheral equipment and tooling systems
  • Planning & assistance of welding process, diagnosis of welding process and welding quality and planning & assistance of welding production line.

Product Development

Development and application of metal related product technologies
(Metal formed plate, fabricated metal products, metal process equipment and key components)
  • Product application and market analysis
  • Product design analysis and experimental development
  • Innovation and re-engineering design of product manufacturing process
  • Production line design and equipment system development
Product direction
  • Development and application of cladding metal
  • Design and development of steel aluminum equipment
  • Electro-mechanical system development of thermal fluid energy
  • Development of value-added heightening fabricated metal product

Steel Rolling Technology

Technical Capabilities
  • Clad rolling technology & equipment development
  • Precision rolling technology & equipment development
  • Shape rolling technology & equipment development
  • Texture rolling technology & equipment development
  • 3C parts & accessories, automotive, electronics & electrical engineering, civil & chemical, thermal energy control and metal arts industries

Automotive Structure & System Integration

  • Automotive electric module, intelligent module, design of lightweight chassis, engineering analysis, product development, pilot and mass production technologies
  • Chassis design technology of electric vehicle (specification formulation, layout design, performance design, structure design)
  • Design technology of power battery module (structure design, thermal management)
  • Electric vehicle chassis technology
  • Equipment development and measurement technology of kinematics & compliance for automotive chassis
  • Design/analysis/certification technologies of lightweight chassis
  • Other automotive related technical services and consultations

Mold & Precision Machining

  • R&D and assistance of molds/dies related system technology
  • R&D and assistance of micro-meso/precision machining related system technology
  • Development, trial production and service promotion of various molds/dies, fabricated metal product/manufacturing equipment
  • Conduct technical cooperation, exchange and technical matching with domestic & foreign molds/dies, micro-meso and precision machining related industries, academic and research institutes
  • Assist and cooperate with related associations to facilitate the development of micro-meso/precision mold and machining related industries

Precision Forming

  • Cold-forging progressive die process technology for sheet metal: Combination of stamping and cold forging processes, suitable for developing high-precision, complicated and net shape parts.
  • Stamping process technology for sheet metal: e.g. fine blanking, progressive die, forging die, deep drawing, transfer die, high-speed transfer stamping die system, etc.


  • Development of thin film processing technologies
    Development of functional thin films on low friction, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-sticking, electric conducting/electric non-conducting, optical, EMI shielding, anti-bacterial, hydrophilic and transparent conductive oxide film coating.
  • Development of automation treatment equipment
    Including the technologies of the design, planning and manufacturing of vacuum chamber, batch/continuous/roll-to-roll/barrel sputtering facilities, design and manufacturing of magnetron targets sources, design and manufacturing of electric arc sources and automation system integration for processing monitoring, can be tailored based on customer's requirements, and combine the thin film processing technology for integrated development.
  • Surface treatment/Heat treatment
    Low pressure/atmospheric pressure plasma pre-heat treatment and activating titanium alloy anodizing, normalization, ageing, precision shot-peening, ion Vimplantation, etc.

Chip Design & Mechatronics SI

Research & Development
  • 3Battery Management System for EV
  • Battery Management System for Unmanned Vehicle
  • Battery Consistency Testing
  • Intelligent Battery Pack Design
  • Renewable Energy Management System
  • Mixed Signal Oscillator (Tektronix DPO-4034)
  • Programmable DC Power Supply (MOTECH LPS-305)
  • DC Loader (ABM 3311F)
  • Li-ion Battery Multi-function Test Equipment (MCT504A)
  • Power Pack Test Equipment (MCF60PL1010A)
Development & Application of Green Power related Technology
  • Power Management IC Design
  • Integration of Mechatronic Power Management

Automatic Optical Inspection

Core technologies
  • Automatic optical inspection (AOI)
  • High efficiency image processing technology
  • Intelligent geometric space high-speed calculation technology
  • Integration of PC-based process control, motion and vision control system
  • Opto-mechatronics integrated technology
  • Precision machining & manufacturing industries
  • Semi-conductor industry
  • Flat panel display industry
  • Opto-electronics (such as LED, etc.) industry
  • 3C industries
  • Biomedical & pharmaceutical industries
Industrial application
  • Defect automatic inspection of flat panel and polarizer
  • MLCC thin film automatic measurement
  • Automatic inspection of laser precision straightness, roundness and diameter for photo conducting drum
  • Automatic inspection of semi-conductor micro IC
  • Automatic profile inspection of fasteners
  • Deviation automatic measurement alignment mark at both sides of wafer
  • Automatic inspection of surface characteristic/size/defect for O-ring
  • Automatic profile inspection of ball grid

Developmnent of IR

Core technologies
  • Dynamic analytical technology
  • Structural design and 3D components design technology
  • Motion trajectory smoothness analytical technology
  • Multi-axis synchronization & compensation technology for motion control
  • System identification technology
  • Equipment industry
  • Semi-conductor industry
  • Automatic assembly industry
  • Flexible electronics industry
  • Health care industry
Industrial application
  • Visual servoing micro assembly system
  • Development of Scara robot arm
  • Intelligent power assistive transport system
  • Robot arm for high precision, intelligent
  • Development of parallel pick and place robot
  • Development of roll-to-roll screen printing equipment
  • Dual robot arm for wafer loading/unloading

Visual Servoing APA

Core technologies
  • Single/dual layer spatial automatic alignment technology
  • Multi-channel visual assisted precision alignment technology
  • Fiducial mark design
  • Alignment parameter precision control technology
  • Multi-axis closed-loop error compensation technology with synchronization of visual servo control
  • PC-based program control, motion and visual control system integration
  • Opto- mechatronics system integration technology
  • Semi-conductor industry
  • Flap panel display industry
  • Opto-electronics industry (LED, etc.)
  • High density FPCB (flexible printed circuit board)
  • Precision screen printing industry
  • R2R process
  • Micro/nano printing
Industrial application
  • Development of automatic exposure for R2R flexible PCB
  • Automatic precision alignment bonding technology for COF and panel
  • Development of alignment technology for panel of color-STN
  • Development of alignment technology for screen printing of flexible electronics
  • Development of automatic exposure for wafer bum packaging
  • Development of automatic double-sided exposure for FPCB
  • Automatic precision alignment system design and manufacturing of golf head
  • Development of touch panel automatic laminating machine

AT of Automatic Optical Inspection

TFT-LCD automatic optical inspection
Inspection Product
  • TFT-LCD, OLED, PDP substrate inspection
  • CMO IV, C.F. AOI
  • CMO Rubbing CIM
  • CMO Load/Unload CIM
Object dimension automatic measurement technology
  • Optical industry: product profile, curve and scratch
  • Semi-conductor industry: wafer surface profile
  • Machinery industry: micro rapid prototyping components, MEMS components
  • Metal processing industry: mold & die, EBT machining surface
Integrated laser sensor device automatic measurement technology
  • Optical industry: glass, semi-transparent object surface height measurement
  • Semi-conductor industry: wafer surface roughness
  • Metal processing industry: mold & die, EBT machining surface
Object dimension automatic measurement technology
  • Optical industry: product profile, curve and scratch
  • Semi-conductor industry: wafer surface profile
  • Machinery industry: micro rapid prototyping components, MEMS components
  • Metal processing industry: mold & die, EBT machining surface
Opto-mechatronics integrated technology
  • Automatic focusing module technology
  • Pattern matching technology
  • Image rapid searching technology
  • Micro measurement module technology
  • Multi-axis synchronization control technology
  • CIM system integrated technology
Laser marking automatic inspection system
  • Recipe option product
  • Ring LED light source enhances pattern
  • Inspection repeatability reaches 99%
  • Movement repeatability reaches 5 μm

Biomass Refinery Technology

Core technologies
  • High pressure high temperature equipment technology
  • Biomass pre-processing technology
  • Biofuels engineering process technology
  • High pressure hydrogen system technology
  • Green energy (biofuel, bio-ethanol, heavy oil and methanol), hydrogen energy industries, etc.
  • Environmental industry: melting magnesium alloy protection, waste solvent recycling & purification, soil remediation, fly ash treatment, etc.
  • Bioenergy industry: high pressure high temperature processes including transesterification, cellulose, pyrolysis, synthetic gas, etc.

CO2 Application Technology

Core technologies
  • CO2-Snow dry spraying technology
  • CO2-Snow melting magnesium alloy protective technology
  • CO2-Snow cooling lubrication technology
  • Liquid / supercritical Co2 snow dry cleaning technology
  • Supercritical CO2 drying technology
  • Supercritical fluid electroplating technology
  • Precision machinery industry: precision bearing, micro/meso components, film coating components, sintered metal, aerospace components, etc.
  • Opto-electronics & semiconductor industries: dry cleaning of mask, wafer, MEMS, hard disc assembly, heat pipe, PCB, micro mechatronics, CCFL, glass substrate, plastic FPCB, etc.

Bio-process & Pharmaceutical ET

Core technologies
  • Microcapsule, dropping pills and liposome preparation technology
  • SCCO2 extraction, concentration and purification technology
  • High pressure sterilizing, processing technology
  • Liquid/supercritical Co2 snow dry cleaning technology
  • Supercritical CO2 drying technology
  • Supercritical fluid electroplating technology
  • Health food industry & pharmaceutical industry: seamless capsule, liposome, micro powder encapsulating and separation, purification and micronization of bioactives
  • Cosmetics industry & food additives industry: extraction of natural activities and flavors as well as sterilization at low temperature

Opto-electronics ST

Vacuum application R&D
  • Integrated manufacturing technology of vacuum hybrid process device, inspection technology of vacuum device performance, analysis of vacuum flow field, analysis of heat transfer simulation for vacuum high temperature device, process technology of flexible conducted substrate.
Optical application R&D
  • Optical lens design, optical film design, cosmetic laser technology, 3D profile measurement technology, grey image analytical technology, optical precision assembly technology, lens inspection technology, thin film property inspection technology.
Brittle material technology
  • Sol-gel process technology, powder/bulk sintering technology, liquid chemical deposition technology, electroluminescence device fabrication technology technology

Medical Devices Technology

Process technology
  • Process technology
    • Design, analysis, inspection and machining
    • Medical device design: clinical/market demand, patent analysis, product design, prototype trial manufacturing, pre-clinical test
    • Finite element analysis: stress analysis, primary stability analysis
    • Inspection technology: profile/internal hole geometric size, surface roughness, static test, torque test, fatigue test, profile scattering measurement
    • Machining technology: mill-turn compound technology
  • Biological surface treatment
    • SLA, sandblasting, large-grit, acid-etching
    • Dual acid-etching
    • AAH, alkali-acid heat treatment
    • SAO, sandblasting, acid-etching, oxidizing
    • SMART, sandblasting, medium-grit, acid-etching, revolutionary treatment
    • Bio-electrochemical treatment
    • Anodic colorization
  • Pre-surgical planning software
    • Surgical device innovative design, pre-surgical simulation software development, guide plate design and development

Combination Medical Device Technology

Materials combination technology
  • Electric polishing technologies for medical devices
    • Electric polishing for stainless steel medical implant and tools
    • Electric polishing for pure titanium and titanium alloy medical implant and tools
    • Removing residual stress and surface defects
  • Polymer/metal combination technology
    • Electro-chemical coating technology of functional polymer film
    • Functional natural polymer/metal combination technology
  • Functional ceramic/metal combination technology
    • Titanium alloy anodizaton (coloring, hardening)
    • Functional ceramic coatings (zirconia, titania)
  • Bio-active surface treatment
    • Acid washing deburring
    • Acid etching activation technology
    • Alkali etching and heating activation technology
  • Instrument
    • Stainless steel electric polishing device
    • Titanium alloy electric polishing device
    • Titanium alloy anodization device
    • Bio-active chemical treatment devices
    • Polymer combination devices
Biomedical functional testing
  • Mechanical properties testing
    • Micro-tensile strength, compression strength, bending strength testing
    • Torque strength, screw in/out torque testing
    • Fatigue testing
  • Surface measurement and analysis
    • Surface image analysis (OM, SEM)
    • Surface roughness measurement
    • Contact angle analysis
    • Surface coating process analysis
  • Biomedical functional testing
    • Cytotoxicity analysis
    • Cell attachment and biochemical analysis
    • Animal implantation analysis
    • Protein assay
  • Instrument
    • Optical microscope OM (1,000 X)
    • Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)
    • Scanning electron microscope (SEM)
    • Micro-resistance analyzer

MD Biological Inspection

  • Microbiological testing technology
    • Ultra low temperature freezer
    • Biological safety cabinets
    • CO2 incubator
    • Camera microscope system
    • Automated microbial identification system
  • Sterilization validation test
    • EO sterilization pot
    • EO BI reader
    • Autoclave

Electrochemical Machining

  • Development of electro polishing technology and equipment
  • Development of electrochemical buffing technology and equipment
  • Development of electrochemical deburring technology and equipment
  • Development of electrochemical machining technology and equipment
  • Application: deburring of stainless steel, copper, iron work piece, internal and external surface polishing and machining
  • Applied industries: micro components, tube & valve, bio-technology, medical devices, aerospace components, MEMS components, 3C components, auto & motorcycle parts & accessories, etc.

Precision Pressing Machine D&A

  • Development and application of pressing equipment
  • Innovation and renovation design of existing product technology
  • Product and system design
  • Product performance simulation and engineering analysis
  • Product manufacturing development and testing
  • Servo control technology

Fluid Control Technology

  • Valve concept design, mechanical design and parts design
  • Design of faucet & industrial valves
  • Design of CIP/SIP sanitary valve & ultra high purity valves
  • Patent searching/analysis/research
  • Computerized fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis
  • CAE analysis (stress, strain, mechanical torque, thermal conductivity, natural frequency and vibration analysis)
  • 2D and 3D modeling designs


Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Operational process analysis (As-Is/To-Be)
  • System design
  • Finance & accounting, human resources, business and purchase management module
  • Production control, inventory,delivery and cost module
  • Applied case
  • Material, aluminum extrusion, hand tools, pneumatic & hydraulic components industries
Production information system integrated management
  • Embedded data acquisition module
  • Distributed equipment real-time monitoring
  • Internet communication and system integration
  • Management data and analysis
  • Applied case
  • TFT-LCD, LCD semi-conductor, packaging, fabricated metal product and parts & accessories industries
Product design data integrated management
  • Product print/document data management
  • Bill of material management
  • Design change management
  • CAD/PDM system integration
  • PDM/ERP system integration
  • Applied case
  • Mold & die, golf head, automobile, equipment, hand tools, pneumatic & hydraulic components industries
DSP-based control module
  • Be equipped with 16DI/16DO/4RS232/RTC/Ethernet
  • Be equipped with rapid executing speed and high stability
  • Edit flow chart program by drag and drop, it is easily operated
  • Be equipped with network standard communication to provide communication program components with controller
  • Standard network device can be attached to the existing network and can be set through network
  • Coordinate control through multi-distribution machine
  • Firmware is customized based on requirements
  • Expand DI/DO/AI/AO based on requirements
  • Applied cases
  • Parking lot equipment, automatic filling equipment, automatic monitoring equipment

Inspection & Measurement

Research & Development
  • Chemical analysis
  • Mechanical property testing
  • Metallographic analysis
  • Type approve of press and shear machine
  • Measurement and analysis of noise, vibration and temperature
  • Dimensional measurement and calibration
  • Failure analysis
  • Surface characterization
  • Research, development and application of automatic inspection software and hardware
  • Coating material analysis and corrosion-resistance testing
  • Assistance of laboratory accreditation, patent & court appraisal
  • On-site measuring and testing
  • Residual stress evaluation
  • Static & dynamic testing for railway vehicle & parts
  • Inspection & certification of machinery, electrical, electronics and chemical products
  • Non-destructive testing and preventive maintenance technology
  • Inspection of CNS mark product for machinery category
  • Salt spray, zinc coating mass & environment test
  • Impact test for protection guard
  • Failure mode verification testing (FMVT)
  • RoHS and testing of hazardous heavy metal
  • Safety glasses testing
  • Testing and certification of aerospace standard products
  • Dust proof & water proof IP test
  • Sanitary products performance test and IAPMO UPC certificate application
  • Motor torque, magnetic loss & surge test
  • Test monitoring on contract basis
  • Medical device test
  • Performance and safety inspection of LED fixture
  • EMC on-site inspection and improvement
  • EMI includes conducted emission test(CE), radiated emission test (RE), harmonics and flicker test and machine tools on-site test
  • Ultra-high purity fluid component test (oil free, particle, life cycle and leakage test)
  • Electrical appliances safety test includes household appliance, luminary appliance, information technology equipment, transformers, audio, video and similar apparatus, motor and electric power tools
  • EMS includes ESD test, electric fast transient test, surge test, voltage dips, short interruption immunity test and conducted immunity test

Certification Technology

Management system certification
  • Execute management system certification of Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, MOEA, including ISO9001/14001, OHSAS18001/TOSHMS ISO 14064, ISO22000/27001
  • Develop product certification and explore plant inspection business
Business of inspection body
  • TAF recognized inspection body executes voluntary and required plant inspection operation
  • Develop product certification and explore plant inspection business
Certification of medical device regulations
  • Execute GMP inspection and certification of Taiwan made medical device and quality system document (QSD) of imported medical device for Department of Health, Executive Yuan
  • Execute medical device certification project
  • Medical device risk management evaluation

Industrial Management

Core competencies
  • Assist enterprise to conduct innovative operation and transformation
    • Innovative application of information & telecommunication technologies, explore new service commodities
    • Service value-added application of manufacturing industry, develop R&D, service and logistics service model
  • Assist enterprise to be engaged in lean management and sustainable operation
    • Connect to global market, introduce ISO system
    • Quality system: environment safety system, information safety system, medical device (GMP certification assistance, quality system document (QSD) consultancy and assistance of imported medical device, domestic registration, consultancy and assistance of medical device, certification assistance of quality system ISO 9001/ISO 13485, application and registration of FDA 510 (k), establishment of FDA QSR quality system, CE certification assistance of Medical Device Directive (MDD), CE certification assistance of In-Vitro Diagnostic Directive (IVDD), CE certification assistance of Active Implantable Medical Device (AIMD), Quality Management - Guidelines for Training (ISO 10015)
    • Innovative management, continuous improvement technology
    • Lean development, lean service, learning organization, marketing & reengineering, etc.
  • Provide B2B value
    • Global logistics management (GLM)
    • Collaborative design management (CDM)
    • Supply chain management (SCM)
    • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Develop applied software for each industry and expedite e-business synergy
    • E-pass will assist to grasp production control, processing and cost information of mold & die and increase rapid response ability
    • Ez Co. will assist enterprise to grasp global procurement logistics management information and increase supply chain contingency ability
    • DNS will assist to grasp mold & die development and product forming knowledge contents and increase mold & die rapid development ability
Main service industries
  • Injection, stamping, casting, die casting, forming mold & die industries
  • Green energy equipment industry
  • Machinery & components industry
  • Fabricated metal product industry
  • Fasteners industry
  • Opto-electronics & semi-conductor industries
  • Auto parts & accessories industries
  • Medical devices industry
  • Care industry

Industrial Training

Research & Development
  • Personnel training of metal material & manufacturing process technology
  • Automation personnel training of manufacturing industry
  • Knowledge intensive service personnel training
  • Personnel training of mold & die design technology
  • Management technology personnel training
  • Inspection technology personnel training
  • CAD/CAM/CAE technology personnel training
  • Digital teaching material preparation for quality management upgrading
  • Implementation of training program in factory
  • Implementation of international conference and forum
  • Overseas technical visiting group
  • Industrial safety and environmental protection license training
  • Training of blue collar and white collar talents for machinery industry

Market Survey

Special consultancy service
  • New products market research
  • Enterprise competitiveness survey
  • Writing of operational plan
  • MII metal intelligence service platform
  • Analysis of industrial outlook (serve as reference to be a listed company)
  • Industry trends seminar
  • Database service
  • Providing of real time industry dynamic information
  • China market survey
  • Provide sale services of publications, including industrial special report, analysis and industrial almanac to offer immediate industrial information

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