The goal of MIRDC

Is to promote the development and upgrading of metals and related industries in the country.

To achieve this goal

The Centre carries out research and development and provides an array of services for technology transfer to the industrial community.


Casting Technology

  • Magnesium die-casting technology for personal electronic product housing
  • Melting and refining process control of magnesium alloy
  • Refining technology of magnesium scrap with flux
  • Quality improvement of magnesium alloy die-casting process
  • Rapid tooling technology by casting process
  • Development of large die-cast magnesium alloy parts
  • Process and equipment development for large electroforming mold
  • Rapid prototyping of light metal product
  • High quality casting technology for complicated product

Metal Forming Technology

  • Cold-forging progressive die process technology of sheet metal for the turntable of DVD spindle motor
  • Forging process technology of Mg-alloy sheet metals
  • Application of spray-forming Al alloy to the parts of commercial appliances
  • Extrusion process technology for axis-symmetrical metal materials
  • Deep-drawing die and production technology
  • Hydrostatic extrusion process technology for tubes
  • Cold-forging progressive die process technology of sheet metal for Flip-Chip heat spreaders
  • Forging process technology of Mg-alloy sheet metal for PDA cases
  • Deep-drawing die and system technology
  • High-speed drawing die and system technology
  • Study of hydrostatic extrusion process technology for axis-symmetrical metal materials
  • Precision hybrid-forming die and manufacturing system technologies for sheet metals
  • Hydro-forming system technology for tubes
  • ‧Horizontal micro-forging system technology for fine wires

Welding Technology

  • Adhesive bonding technology for the thin light-metal at room temperature
  • Automatic welding technology for T-type aluminum structure
  • Solder bonding technology for targets
  • Plasma welding technology for edge joining of thin sheets
  • Research of adhesive bonding technology for titanium metal
  • Micro plasma joining technology for 100 μ m thin sheet
  • Solder bonding technology for targets
  • Target / backing plate bonding technology
  • C-SCAN inspection system for target bonding quality examination
  • Research of butt welding technology for thin plate
  • Adhesive bonding design and process technology with high impact performance
  • Robot automatic technology of plasma arc welding for titanium alloy


Automatic technology
  • Production data transmission & report technology
  • Development of hybrid methodology of rapid prototype technology.
  • Acquisition and transmission of facilities status signal technology
  • Remote monitoring of facilities status and parameters control technology
  • Signal monitoring integration technology in mold machining process
  • Remote monitoring and status diagnosis of facilities technology
  • Development of metal rapid prototype technology
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance of facilities technology
  • Integrated dynamic production management technology
  • Synchronal positioning control technology in photoelectric industry
  • Inspection system integration technology in photoelectric industry
  • Three dimensional automatic measuring integration system in photoelectric industry
Supercritical fluid equipment
  • High pressure spurt cleaning procedure technology
  • Supercritical carbon dioxide cleaning system technology
  • Development of Universal liquid CO2 cleaning automation system technology
  • CO2-snow spraying equipment design technology
  • CO2-snow spraying environment control technology

Surface Engineering & Heat Treatment

  • EMI shielding deposition technology
  • Stainless steel case hardening technology
  • Automation instantaneous monitoring system for PVD equipment
  • Low surface energy deposition control technology
  • Stainless steel anti-bacterial surface treatment technology
  • Surface treatment technology for high precision molds
  • Automation technology for OLED substrate transmission
  • Automation technology for high transparency gas barrier deposition film
  • Design technology for continuous type unbalanced magnetron target source
  • Remote automation integration technology for deposition film processing
  • Processing technology for PET surface sputtering ITO film
  • Stainless steel anti-pseudomonas aeruginosa surface treatment technology

Regional R&D Service Department

  • Flow control mechanism design and manufacturing technology
  • Flow control mechanism design and inspection technology
  • Accelerated life test technology for pressure balancing valve
  • Design & analysis technology for thermostatic & process control mechanism
  • Control valve low-leakage mechanism design and manufacturing technology
  • Control valve low-leakage mechanism design and inspection technology
  • Development technology for CIP/SIP sanitary ball valve
  • Performance and life test for sanitary ball valve
  • Straighter type and high pressure valve design technique
  • Actuator with flow integration type design technique
  • Design & analysis technology for extraordinary CIP/SIP sanitary ball valve
  • Pressure resistance and leakage test technology for extraordinary sanitary valve

Knowledge Management Application Service

  • Production management system technology
  • Business process integration technology, for mold & die industry
  • Interactive service module for MD industry.
  • CPFR integration planning technology
  • Virtual inventory module tech
  • E-business process integration module
  • Engineering demo and interactive service module
  • Virtual inventory module for metal industry
  • Logistic module for MD industry

Industrial e-Services

  • Manufacturing Information Integration and Management for Mold & Dip Industry
  • Knowledge Database Development of Mold & Pie Design
  • Remote engineering Supporting Technology
  • Discussion e-Platform Implementation
  • Mold & Die industrial e-community Implementation
  • Product Date Management Technology
  • Ontology Implementation of Industrial domain Knowledge
  • Dynamic e-Community Implementation
  • Engineering Collaboration Technology

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