The goal of MIRDC

Is to promote the development and upgrading of metals and related industries in the country.

To achieve this goal

The Centre carries out research and development and provides an array of services for technology transfer to the industrial community.

Is Awarded Best Inventions of 2021- Special Prize by “ TIME Magazine” in U.S.A.

TIME Magazine is a comprehensive English magazine that has the highest read rate in the world. The readers of “TIME Magazine” are world-famous research institutions, from professional elites in different circles to political and economic leaders, which shows the delivery of knowledge has no limitation since we are all in the era of global village. The magazine selects innovative inventions that are influential every year. This year, Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC) receives the recognition of “Time Magazine” Best Inventions of 2021 - Special Award in its “3D printing sand casting technology”. It brings the profound innovative technology development and research energy in Taiwan to international attention and writes down a brilliant chapter for Taiwan in the world!

Chiu-Feng Lin, the president of MIRDC has expressed that MIRDC adopts 3D sand casting printing technology to help those visual impaired experience arts by reproducing the original work of “Sunset in Tamsui” by the painter who is known as “Van Gogh in Taiwan,” Cheng-Po Chen, into a 3D anaglyph artwork assistive device. It allows people who are visually impaired to know the contents of artwork through touch, enabling one to further realize and understand the art value as well as the spirit that the work intends to deliver. MIRDC establishes the development procedures for visually impaired assistive device to turn the complicated process simple. It can implement mass reproduction and reduce the manufacturing cost to fulfill the development of assistive device that is in rapid production, high efficiency, and high quality. With the heart-warming technology, we would like to encourage people who are visually impaired to explore the world of arts bravely and create an experience environment of cultural equality and being friendly.

MIRDC has been devoted to the development of metal materials and application areas for a long time. The 3D printing has been introduced into the relevant metal manufacturing process and established “3D Printing Sand Casting Operation and Service Center” to assist the industry to build up rapid casting technology. It can effectively reduce the casting mold cost in the product development, create one-piece core, and form sand mold in a complicated shape. No draft angle needs to be considered and no wood pattern is required. It reduces product development cycles and more than 30% of the cost effectively as well as solve the gap of technical application. The interdisciplinary collision that combines art and technology concretely demonstrates the creator’s cultural and life experience in a painting appearance that can be touched and felt by visual impaired people to lower the threshold of art appreciation while achieving accessible participation of art and culture for the disabled group in a society of diversity and inclusion.

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