The goal of MIRDC

Is to promote the development and upgrading of metals and related industries in the country.

To achieve this goal

The Centre carries out research and development and provides an array of services for technology transfer to the industrial community.

MIRDC Leads Industries to Localize Operation & Maintenance Service for Offshore Wind Farms

In order to promote the technological development of maintenance industry for offshore wind farms in Taiwan, MIRDC has initiated the “R&D Program of Inspection, Repair, Operation and Maintenance Technology for Offshore Wind Farms” under the guidance of Bureau of Energy, Ministry of the Economic Affairs. The “Offshore Wind Farm Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Technology Development Strategy Forum” was held at Innovation Value-Added Center of Traditional Industry, MOEA, on June 22, 2020, where experts of offshore wind energy were invited to focus on the global development trend of offshore wind farms and explore localized O&M supply chain strategy for offshore wind farms. Through the integration of the capabilities of industry, academic, and R&D sectors, the forum aims to strive toward the developmental direction of strengthening, validating and applying technology research. MIRDC will assist Taiwan industries in cooperating with wind farm developers to realize the goal of localized O&M for offshore wind farms.

Dr. Chia-min Wei, Vice President of MIRDC, pointed that there are expected to be more than 600 offshore wind turbines standing in the territorial sea of Taiwan by 2025, according to the estimated wind turbine capacity expected to be utilized by the developers so far. After completion, localized O&M services will be the foundation of long-term stable power generation of the offshore wind farms, achieving optimization of efficiency and cost. In consideration of the pandemic this year, he also stated that operation risks would fall upon the developers when there aren’t localized O&M services it is hardly to see the investment to Taiwan from foreign companies. In other words, establishing localized O&M technology and services are the basis of sustainable development of offshore wind farms.

Due to the challenges of typhoons and earthquakes, MIRDC has invested in the technology items of automatic blade inspection by drones, offshore wind farm geared inspection auxiliary system, underwater inspection information processing and analyzing, and automatic equipment for inspecting offshore wind turbines. In order to assist in establishing localized O&M capability, MIRDC would subsequently integrate domestic manufacturers, wind turbine and O&M service providers, and wind farm developers for technological validation, ensuring that local industries can provide high-quality O&M services.

Twelve domestic and foreign manufacturers were invited to the forum, including Taipower, Star Energy, HaiLong Wind Power, SWancor Renewable Energy, Tien Li Offshore Wind Technology, Boskalis HwaChi Offshore Wind Taiwan, DWTEK, Global Aqua Survey, Data Surpass Technology, GOAT Engineering, ADAT Technology, and Dragon Prince Hydro-survey Enterprise, which initiated lively discussions and informative exchanges. In addition to the innovative technologies demonstrated by MIRDC, the participants also offered their opinions and suggestions towards industrial collaboration in order to accelerate the integration of O&M industrial chain of offshore wind farms and establish the foundation of cooperation between the developers and the service providers in the long run. Later, MIRDC would continue to communicate with the industries for fulfilling localized O&M industry, enhancing the technology and performance of industries in Taiwan, and create high-reward employment opportunities.

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