The goal of MIRDC

Is to promote the development and upgrading of metals and related industries in the country.

To achieve this goal

The Centre carries out research and development and provides an array of services for technology transfer to the industrial community.

MIRDC Leading Taiwan Medical Devices Makers to the Indian Market

MIRDC Leading Taiwan Medical Devices Makers to the Indian Market to Implement the New Southbound Policy

The 2017 Medical Fair India was held in New Delhi, India for three days (April 6~8). MIRDC led domestic medical devices makers in participation of this exhibition under the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion. The objective was to comprehensively show off and market Taiwan’s medical equipment technology, to increase exhibition benefits, and to conduct exchange between Taiwan and India medical devices makers, which can help Taiwan makers enter the Indian market.

This time MIRDC used the form of “Medical Equipment Technology Industry Strategic Alliance” to plan and expand the scope of the exhibition. This not only improves exhibition benefits, but also shows that Taiwan is actively engaged in the international medical devices market. This year, seven Taiwan makers, including BenQ Medical Technology, C.T.M., AViTA, Footdisc, Besmed, Fortune Medical, and ACRO Biomedical participated in the exhibition. They represent makers in the surgical equipment, surgical imaging, medical aids, electric scooter, breathing therapy, diabetic medical insoles, sphygmomanometer/thermometer, and medical collagen fields.

In recent years, MIRDC has proactively integrated domestic makers for exhibition participation. The results have gradually grown, and the effects have been recognized. MIRDC states that the medical devices industry has performed well in various international exhibitions with the hard work of the government and makers. MIRDC has also successfully promoted the medical devices industry to form a marketing alliance to jointly explore the international market.

MIRDC has crossed into the medical devices industry for the tenth year. Other than using its metal material development and manufacturing process advantage to assist transformation of Taiwan’s traditional industry (so makers can produce high value products), MIRDC has also established industry clusters, established brands, and explored international business opportunities and marketing. As a result, MIRDC has contributed to the improvement of industry competitiveness. MIRDC is confident to lead medical devices clusters and their peripheral industries towards the global market with hope of creating opportunities to increase the value of Taiwan’s medical devices industry.

Medical Fair India is one of the well-known medical exhibitions in South Asia and Central Asia. Each year, the exhibition is held in either New Delhi or Mumbai. This year, the exhibition was held in New Delhi, and focused on medical devices and technologies. As such, this exhibition is a great jumping board to the South Asia market.

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