The goal of MIRDC

Is to promote the development and upgrading of metals and related industries in the country.

To achieve this goal

The Centre carries out research and development and provides an array of services for technology transfer to the industrial community.

46 R&D achievements have been launched at Kaohsiung Smart City Summit & Expo to demonstrate MIRDC's scientific research capabilities

The 2023 Kaohsiung Smart City Summit & Expo officially launched at Kaohsiung Exhibition Center today, and there are 46 technical and service highlights in total at the MIRDC’s theme pavilion, as we make Foresee Tech & Wise as the theme to echo the theme of the exhibition Digital Transformation Creates a New peal of Smart City. They include Innovative Superpower to display MIRDC’s technologies and the domestic and international awards from the past six years, Addictive Technology to tell the unknown struggles behind the researchers. Technical Comprehension is showcasing products developed in cooperation with manufacturers members applying the technology of MIRDC, Interactive Vitality presents a different vitality through exclusive IG filters, FB live broadcasts and digital interactions. MIRDC has accumulated rich experience and technical strength in the research and the development, processing and application of metal materials. By presenting the latest research and development achievements and technology application cases this year which is expectant.

4D (3D+Dissimilar) Printed Solid State Process developed by MIRDC won the R&D100 Awards and Edison Awards last year. The technology combines the additive design of dissimilar metals through friction stir welding. It forms various 3D structural dis-similar aluminum alloy parts through the additive manufacturing method of the solid-state process. This technology can maintain the characteristics of the raw materials and complement the features of dis-similar metals. It effectively shortens the processing time by 20%, reduces energy consumption by 42%, improves the utilization rate of metal materials, and reduces the waste of processing materials by 40%. The green and environmentally friendly process with low energy consumption and no welding fumes can be customized to quickly assist the industry in responding to the development needs of new product structures. Due to the combination of the advantages of two different metals, the application of composite metal structures can be carried out according to the needs of the product and has been applied to industries such as aerospace and electric vehicle components.

The Key Development for The Intelligent Orthopedic Surgical System also won the R&D100 Awards, Edison Awards, the National Industrial Innovative Award, and the National Innovation Award. In the past, when performing spinal surgery, surgical doctors could only rely on repeated X-ray fluoroscopy images during the operation to update the image data, and the postoperative wound recovery was slow; however, the existing navigation system cannot register more than three vertebrae at a time. Also, the volume of the positioning marker is limited when it is oversized, which makes it possible for the spatial information of the vertebrae to be adjusted in real-time. MIRDC has developed the world's first optical 3D composite positioning technology to provide a better solution for precise clinical surgery needs. The positioning mark is designed as a dodecahedron and miniaturized. It integrates automatic segmentation and navigation of vertical segments, auto path planning, and real-time compensation technology for intraoperative positioning. This system has experimented with in 13 cases with a success rate of 98%. It will be implemented in clinical applications and together to strengthen the ecological chain of domestic spinal minimally invasive surgery auxiliary systems.

MIRDC's Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), combined with a floating body for modular design, can be quickly disassembled and transformed to meet different mission requirements. Then carry out sea voyage missions, it can resist 4-level wind (5.5~7.9m/s), and the anti-wave height can reach 1m~2m. It also has automatic cruise and multi-waypoint setting remote control functions, it can perform data transmission and guidance tasks within a radius of 30 kilometers (inclusive) of the control point, and the USV can also carry drones and other collaborative operations. Sensors for seafloor and environmental mapping, bathymetric mapping for geophysics, seismic surveys, shallow water hydrographic fisheries, and aquatic habitats have a wide range of future applications.

Lin, Ren Yi, the Chairman of MIRDC stated that MIRDC has been committed to the upgrading of domestic metal and related manufacturing industries for a long time. At the same time, it has stepped into the medical material industry for many years. With the support of government scientific and technical resources, it has developed many innovative technologies, that are applied to various industries to assist domestic industries in moving towards intelligent applications. With the goal of net zero sustainability, MIRDC will continue to improve technological innovation and development in the future and contribute to the domestic industry.

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