The goal of MIRDC

Is to promote the development and upgrading of metals and related industries in the country.

To achieve this goal

The Centre carries out research and development and provides an array of services for technology transfer to the industrial community.

Happy 60th Anniversary for MIRDC, Working together to innovate and create sustainable excellence

On October 20, 2023, MIRDC celebrated its 60th anniversary at the headquarters in Nanzih, Kaohsiung. Many honorable guests attended, including Senior Advisor to the President Jung -Chin Shen, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Chuan-Neng Lin, Kaohsiung City Mayor Chi-Mai Chen, and many representatives from various industry, government, academia and R&D institutes. The day's celebration began with a 60th anniversary retrospective video to detail the touching moments of MIRDC's growth. Also, senior employees were awarded commemorative coins to thank them for their long-term commitment to working with MIRDC. Finally, the launching ceremony was held to symbolize that MIRDC will adhere to sustainable innovation and move towards a beautiful century. At the same time, there was also an outdoor garden party that day, allowing all guests and colleagues to share the joy of transformation and growth brought about by the 60th anniversary.

Senior Advisor to the President Jung-Chin Shen on his remarks stated that MIRDC has been committed to promoting the development of Taiwan's metal industry since its establishment. With its established metal secondary processing technology, it not only assists China Steel in building factories but also provides the needs for the development of the domestic metal processing industry, making Taiwan a fastener, the production kingdom of hand tools, valves, molds, and other industries has also established Taiwan's important position in the global market for metal processing-related industries. In the future, to strengthen independent research and development and then support the upgrading of the domestic manufacturing industry, we will actively invest in innovative technology research and development, introduce innovative operating models, promote the optimization of the industrial value chain through system integration, and successfully promote the domestic metal processing manufacturing industry to expand into domestic automobiles and motorcycles, precision machinery, and medical care and other industries. In the past decade, the scope of MIRDC's R&D and services has gradually expanded from traditional metal processing to emerging industries such as electric vehicles, wind power generation, optoelectronic semiconductor equipment, circular economy, national defense and aerospace. In the future, MIRDC will continue to promote the industry to accelerate towards high value. The advancement of globalization will once again drive new growth in Taiwan's economy and industry.

MIRDC's Chairman of the Board, Ren-Yi Lin, also stated that MIRDC is an R&D institution under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Over the past 60 years, from its establishment to its development, MIRDC has been continuously organized through dynamic organization to make it more capable of innovative R&D and services, settled in the "Chiayi Industry Innovation and Research Center (CIIC)" to promote the upgrading of local agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery industries with the orientation of biotechnology, food and health and support the industrial development of Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan Region and the development of Central Taiwan Science Park, and Southern Taiwan Science Park, to build Taiwan's industrial innovation corridor jointly. Another example, MIRDC also assisted the Ministry of Economic Affairs in establishing the "Traditional Industries Innovation Center", aiming to break through the critical technical thresholds of traditional industries in additive manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing. Later, MIRDC successively established division-level departments such as medical equipment, marine technology, and aerospace technology. MIRDC has expanded its services to key industries such as aerospace, hand tools, offshore wind power, water hardware, medical materials, and green energy. In addition, it also links with local industries to drive high-value and distinctive development of local industries, such as assisting in planning the transformation of Kaohsiung Xingda Fishing Port into a marine technology base, establishing the "Maritime Technology Innovation Center". It MIRDC will become Taiwan's offshore wind power maritime project, marine science and technology talents, technology research and development and other training bases.

MIRDC has accompanied the growth of Taiwan's metal industry all the way. After 60 years of quenching, in addition to continuing to promote national industrial policies, it has also actively deepened technology research and development and implemented the industrialization of results, accelerating the further transformation and upgrading of Taiwan's industry and becoming a leading force for the industry and the country to enter international competition, the most robust backing, and looking forward to the centenary model benchmark goal to move forward bravely.

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